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High security costs put Zurich Street Parade in the red

National News // Aug. 4, 2017

The cost of installing extra security measures to guard against possible terror attacks left Zurich Street Parade organisers with a loss of CHF 110,000 last year. 

PHOTO: Verein Street Parade, ZURICH. High security costs put Zurich Street Parade in the red

Switzerland’s largest parade, which is due to take place on 12th August this year, attracts around a million people each year.

Security was stepped up for the 2016 event following terror attacks in Nice and Munich. Extra safety measures included road blocks, more armed police and inspections of all vehicles with permits to access the festival area. The same heightened security is in place for this year’s event.

Last year’s total budget for the parade was CHF 2.5 million.

To help make up for the loss of revenue in 2016, this year’s event is being sponsored by the supermarket chain Migros.

This is the first time in the parade’s 26-year history that it has had a corporate sponsor. 



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