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Chainsaw attack suspect arrested

National News // July 26, 2017

Zurich police have arrested Franz Wrousis, the man thought to be responsible for the chainsaw attack in Schaffhausen on Monday.

KAPO SH Chainsaw attack suspect arrested

He was detained following a large police operation in Thalwil in canton Zurich – around 60km away from Schaffhausen.

He was spotted by a pizza restaurant owner who saw him run past his shop at 5.30 yesterday afternoon. He called the police and then followed him, keeping the police up to date using the messaging service WhatsApp.

Police had released a picture of Wrousis using a cash machine earlier in the day.

While Wrousis was on the run, police had warned people to stay away from wooded areas which also meant many summer activities for children had been cancelled. 

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