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Schaffhausen attack - 'not terror related' say police

National News // July 24, 2017

A man armed with a chainsaw injured at least 5 people, two of them seriously, when he entered a branch of the CSS Insurance company in the Schaffhausen old town on Monday morning. 

KAPO SH Schaffhausen attack - 'not terror related' say police

The man is still at large and police say he shouldn't be approached. 

Policed sealed off the area and told people to remain inside.

Police believe they have found the alleged attacker's vehicle - a Swiss registered VW Caddy. They say they do  not believe the attack is terror related. Pictures of the alleged attacker have been released. 

Police describe the man as having an unkempt appearance and is 1.9 meters tall. 

Two of the injured are employed by CSS Insurance and are undergoing surgery. There are no details yet of the other victims.

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