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Swiss President meets French counterpart

National News // July 19, 2017

The Swiss President Doris Leuthard has held her first meeting in Paris with the French President Emmanuel Macron. Mr. Macron described relations between France and Switzerland as ‘old, close and extremely strong’. 

Pixabay Swiss President meets French counterpart

Meanwhile Ms. Leuthard spoke of the importance and influence of France as a neighbour, saying that ‘when France does well, Switzerland does well too’.

During their meeting yesterday, the two leaders spoke about Europe, the fight against terrorism and information-sharing on tax-related issues.

One of the topics discussed – and of great interest to France - was the 2014 Swiss vote to limit mass immigration. More than 134,800 French citizens currently live in Switzerland and a further 173,000 cross the Swiss-French border each day to go to work.




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