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Discount travel card available from September

National News // July 14, 2017

A new daily discount travel card will be introduced by public transport companies in the next few weeks.

Pixabay Discount travel card available from September

The price will depend on how far in advance you book it and on how many special offer cards are available.

In September, public transport companies will introduce the card at a reduced price. It’ll only be available via mobile phone or on the internet and will replace the current 9-hour card and the multipack offer.

The starting price for the card will be 29 Swiss francs with a half-fare discount and 52 francs without. The card can be bought up to 30 days in advance. But just like many flight offers, the price will go up the closer you buy the card to the day you want to use it. If you book early, you’ll get a better deal.

The Swiss Consumer Federation says that booking a ticket a month in advance will be difficult because people don’t often know their plans that far ahead. The Federation also has concerns that the new card is only available online, which will exclude many people, particularly the elderly.



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