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Cannabis cigarettes soon to be on sale in Coop supermarkets

National News // July 13, 2017

The supermarket giant Coop is expected to start stocking cannabis cigarettes any day now.

Pixabay Cannabis cigarettes soon to be on sale in Coop supermarkets

The cigarettes are produced by the Swiss-based tobacco manufacturer Heimat, which says that they are the world’s first Cannabidiol or CBD cigarettes. Each pack will contain four grammes of the cannabis product CBD mixed in with Swiss tobacco and will be available to over 18s. CBD is low in the psychoactive substance THC but its long-term effects are little known.

The cigarettes are already sold in several small shops and kiosks throughout the country but the Coop is the first supermarket to stock them. A Coop spokesperson said that putting the cigarettes on its shelves isn’t particularly ground-breaking as the supermarket already sells products with traces of cannabis, such as tea, beer, oils and spreads.

A warning on the Heimat cigarette packs advises people not to drive after smoking the cigarettes in case they exceed the legal limit of 1.5 mg of THC per litre of blood.



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