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Gang of motorway racers arrested in Lucerne

National News // July 11, 2017

Six men who are said to have regularly raced at speeds of more than 280 kilometres per hour on Swiss motorways have been arrested by police in the canton of Lucerne.

Pixabay Gang of motorway racers arrested in Lucerne

The gang is reported to have been carrying out high-speed racing since 2014, recording videos of their dangerous exploits.

Police found the videos during a search of the home of one of the gang, suspected of drugs and weapons offences. One of the videos showed a 21-year-old driving at 280 kilometres per hour on the motorway at Altdorf and 210 kilometres per hour near Stans.

All six men, who are aged between 21 and 24, live in Nidwalden. Their drivers’ licenses have been revoked. Investigations are continuing into the road racing, and drugs and weapons offences.

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