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Alcohol sales to minors still a major problem

National News // July 7, 2017

One in three businesses are illegally selling alcohol to young people, according to a survey by the Federal Alcohol Board.

Pixabay Alcohol sales to minors still a major problem

Sample shopping tests found that the closer a young person is to the legal age for buying alcohol, the more likely shops and traders are to sell alcohol to them.

It is illegal to sell beer and wine to children under the age of 16 and to sell spirits to young people under the age of 18.

Nearly 8,500 test purchases were made by the Alcohol Board last year to see how strictly people who sell alcohol stick to the law. The tests found that 32% of businesses broke the law, compared with 29% in 2015.

Just over half of the bars which were subjected to the test sales sold alcohol to minors, along with more than 40% of stalls at festivals. A third of supermarkets and take-aways also didn’t pass the test.



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