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More drones in Switzerland

Local News // June 28, 2017

Drone use is growing in Switzerland and the expected warm weather this summer is expected to lead to more use.

Pixabay More drones in Switzerland

There are already 100,000 drones in the country – and the Swiss Transportation Safety Board says it’s only a matter of time before an aircraft collides with one.

There were 30 cases of near-misses last year alone.

The Federal Office of Aviation is looking to raise awareness of the legally binding rules in place – such as making sure you can always see the drone. No flying closer than 5 kilometers to airports, always more than 100 meters above people and respect privacy if using a camera.

A new app being developed by the air traffic control company, Skyguide, should help. It will allow drone users to plan a flight path. The app will be launched in September. 

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