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Moutier votes to exit Bern

National News // June 19, 2017

The village of Moutier – for the moment in canton Bern, has voted for Bexit – that’s leaving Bern for canton Jura.

picswiss Moutier votes to exit Bern

At 51.2% the people decided to switch. The issue of jurisdiction has been a dividing the commune ever since Jura was formed in 1979.

So sensitive is the issue, the count of voting cards was carried out with extra security. Counters were brought in from the Federal Justice Ministry and each card was checked with the voter registration roll to make sure there were no irregularities.

The precautions meant that the result was delayed by two hours, but when announced crowds that had gathered in the main square erupted with joy – waving the Jura flag. 

Tags: bern, vote, Jura, moutier

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