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Hundreds take part in 'slutwalk' march in Geneva

National News // June 19, 2017

Around 400 people, mainly women, marched through Geneva on Saturday afternoon as part of the worldwide ‘slutwalk’ movement.

slutwalk Hundreds take part in 'slutwalk' march in Geneva

The movement is in protest of sexual violence and shaming of sexual assault victims.

It started after a Canadian police officer said women should ‘stop dressing like sluts’ to prevent sexual assault.

The marchers also laid down a rule that anyone wanting to take a picture had to seek permission. As many were not wearing much, to highlight their point, that rule was sometimes hard to enforce.

But one of the organizers told the press that many who tried to take pictures were focusing on the more lightly dressed marchers – which proves the point that more progress has to be made to end rape culture. 

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