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Gotthard Tunnel too successful?

National News // June 6, 2017

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is one year old – and it seems it’s being too successful for its own good.

kecko Gotthard Tunnel too successful?

Passengers are complaining of no seats on trains and sometimes being asked to leave the train before it enters the tunnel as it is too crowded to be evacuated safely in case of fire.

Around 10,000 people take the trip every day through the 57 km long tunnel.

But the tunnel’s main purpose was to take trucks off the road – and it seems that is also a phenomenal success. Around 67,000 tonnes of goods go through the tunnel every day. The equivalent of over 5,000 trucks.

The capacity will only increase. New bigger rolling stock will be available in two years and train lines across Europe are still being built to divert goods services to the tunnel.


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