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Geneva Lake Parade will return this year

National News // May 31, 2017

The Geneva Lake Parade will return this summer after skipping last year. The new organizers say they’re confident the event will be a success – with the public and financially.

twitter Geneva Lake Parade will return this year

The budget is a million francs – and sponsors have already committed and the Ville de Genève is offering the public spaces.

The format will be much the same with the trucks mounting massive sound systems starting at 2pm at the top of the Quai Wilson and the crawling around the lake – but the evening party will start 2 hours earlier at 6pm.

Security will be tight in the light of recent terrorist attacks elsewhere in Europe with police manning entry point for the evening party and the placing of large concrete bollards.  

The 20th Geneva Lake Parade will be on Saturday 8th July. 

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