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WHO delegates to choose new head today

National News // May 23, 2017

Delegates from member states of the World Health Organization are meeting today to pick a new head of the UN organization.

WHO WHO delegates to choose new head today

There are three contenders and for the first time the World Health Assembly will have a choice. In the past the executive committee has put forward one name to be rubber stamped.

The three candidates are Tedros Ad-hanom Gheb-reye-sus from Ethiopia, David Nabarro from the UK and Sania Nishtar from Pakistan.

The process will start at 2pm with speeches by the candidates – which will be live streamed on-line 

There could be a series of votes. If no candidate reaches 75% in the first round – the one coming last is eliminated and the two remaining go through to another vote.

Observers say the race is too close to call, but it’s thought the only woman in the race, Sania Nishtar from Pakistan is likely to be eliminated first. 

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