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New twenty franc note released today

National News // May 10, 2017

The new twenty franc note goes into circulation today. But it may be a while before you see one.

snb New twenty franc note released today

The best chance will be in Zurich or Bern where they will be released today through local cantonal banks. But there won’t be a wider release until next week when banks throughout the country will be sent the new bills.

The Swiss National Bank says it’s purely for logistical reasons that banks in Zurich and Bern will get the notes first.  

The notes are still red, but are a bit smaller than the old ones. All bank notes are being changed – the new 50 note was released last year. 

According to the SNB the "20-franc note focuses on Switzerland’s creativity – expressed by light, the note’s key motif". Check out the SNB for all the design and security details



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