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New idea to charge more for autoroutes for tourists

National News // May 10, 2017

An idea by a Swiss MP that tourists should pay more to use Swiss autoroutes has split opinion.

wrs New idea to charge more for autoroutes for tourists

Theirry Burkhart says tourists are being ‘favoured’ as locals have to pay a road tax and a tax on fuel.

But the head of the lobby group, Auto-Suisse, Francois Launaz says the idea makes no sense as the income from the autoroute is used to maintain the roads and a foreign car wears out the roads in the same way as a Swiss registered car.

But the fact remains the CHF 40 a year drivers pay to use Swiss autoroutes is cheap compared to many other European countries.

Switzerland is working on a system to link the autoroute fee with the licence plate – so in the future only foreign cars will only need the stickers. 

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