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Swiss government expects warm relationship with Macron

National News // May 9, 2017

The Swiss government says it expects to have a warm and highly cooperative relationship with the new French president.

Wikipedia Swiss government expects warm relationship with Macron

Emmanuel Macron also seems to be popular with French expats living in Switzerland. Figures show more than 85% voted for Macron in the final round. Although turnout was only 53%.

The Swiss president, Doris Leuthard has congratulated Macron on his win and also tweeted that she expects to have good neighborly relations.

Macron is no stranger to Switzerland. He met former president Johann Schneider-Ammann when he was a French economics minister. Schneider-Ammann says he showed great interest in the Swiss political system.

Swiss foreign minister Didier Burkhalter says he’s confident Macron will be a positive development in ongoing Swiss-EU talks. 

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