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Swiss spies keep watch on 90 suspected jihadists

National News // May 4, 2017

The Swiss intelligence agency has identified around 90 people living in the country who could have links with Islamic extremism.

Wikipedia Swiss spies keep watch on 90 suspected jihadists

Swiss spies have created a new category of people who they say are ‘at risk’ of radicalization.

The agency says the 90 are generally young Swiss converts – mainly male.

Also there are a further 500 people being monitored who are listed as ‘virtual’ jihadists. The agency’s head, Marcus Seiler, says these are active on the internet, regularly visit extremist websites and post supportive comments for jihadist activities.

There are already 60 cases of active criminal proceedings.

But the number of people travelling to Iraq or Syria has been falling since 2015.  

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