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Uber more and more popular in Switzerland

National News // April 25, 2017

Uber is going from strength to strength in Switzerland, despite protests by taxi drivers and threats of closure.

pexels Uber more and more popular in Switzerland

The app is downloaded 3,000 times a week in French speaking Switzerland alone and there are now more than 2,000 Uber drivers across Switzerland – according to an internal Uber survey.

Most of the users are young – 60% are under 35 and students also make up a large proportion of customers.

Uber is often as much as 50% cheaper than a traditional taxi.

Although taxi drivers complain the ride app is undercutting fares and costing business – Uber seems to be becoming more acceptable to the authorities. Geneva has passed a law incorporating it into local transport regulations – Vaud is planning to do the same and the federal government has signaled it approves of the service.


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