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Swiss politicians say Le Pen win would be bad for Switzerland

National News // April 24, 2017

Several Swiss politicians have reacted to the first round of the French presidential elections saying they’re relieved Emmanuel Macron is through to the run off and a Marine Le Pen victory would be a bad result for Switzerland.

Wikipedia Swiss politicians say Le Pen win would be bad for Switzerland

Socialist MP Martin Naef says Le Pen is pursuing a xenophobic and isolationist policy and would harm the EU – a Liberal Radical parliamentarian Christa Markwalder says if Le Pen wins the presidential race it would be a ‘real problem’.

Other MPs in Bern expressed similar views across the political spectrum.

Even the right wing Swiss People’s Party are warning against Le Pen. MP Rino Büchel says her economic policies are in fact very left wing with state control, and higher tax. He says France needs to liberalize labour markets to bring down unemployment and boost the economy.

It’s widely expected Macron will win the run-off in two weeks from now. Most of the major parties and former presidential candidates are now backing Macron.


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