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Ticino border closures anger Rome

National News // April 5, 2017

New border closures in canton Ticino has triggered a diplomatic incident in Rome.

The Swiss ambassador to Italy, Giancarlo Kessler, has been summoned to the Italian foreign ministry to explain why Switzerland has closed three border crossings at night.

warrenski Ticino border closures anger Rome

The canton is citing security concerns for the closures. The barriers come down at 11pm and lift again at 5am.

Local Italian communities complain they were not even told of the new policy and it’s highly disruptive for border workers.

But some suspect an element of blackmail. Canton Ticino wants access to Italian criminal records before granting work permits to border workers. Since November, 53 applications have been rejected for lack of information. But such a requirement may be in breach of the free movement accord with the EU.


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