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A16 autoroute finally completed

National News // April 3, 2017

A long awaited new section of autoroute opens today. The last 9km of the A16 which runs from Biel to the French border through the Bernese Jura marks the completion of the road.

A16.ch A16 autoroute finally completed

In a ribbon cutting ceremony later today, attended by Swiss President Doris Leuthard, the new section will cut an hour off the journey from Biel to Boncourt.

The A16 is one of the most expensive sections of road in the country. It has 11 tunnels over a kilometer long – 5 of those over 3 kilometers in addition to several bridges.

It’s also been one of the longest construction projects in the country. The work first started on the A16 in 1984. 

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