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Swiss cabinet takes to the streets of Solothurn

National News // March 30, 2017

Members of the federal government, including the president Doris Leuthard, mingled with crowds and had selfies taken in Solothurn.

The cabinet was holding one of its regular meetings outside Bern. It’s part of a programme to bring the federal government closer to the people.

Jungpionier Swiss cabinet takes to the streets of Solothurn

Around 300 gathered outside the impressive Von Roll Haus in the cantonal capital.

Leuthard told the local press that Canton Solothurn is not much discussed by the Federal government. That brought a sense of pride to locals as the canton deals with its problems alone.

Leuthard went on to say she’s pleased cabinet members can talk to the people in the street with no extra security – and said it’s a great privilege.


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