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Switzerland will get first of new generation cash machines

National News // March 23, 2017

Switzerland will see one of the first new generation of cash machines in the world.

NCR Switzerland will get first of new generation cash machines

The hole in the wall cash machine is 50 years old this year. The first machine was installed in North London in 1967 by Barclays Bank.

But technology has moved on a lot in that time and the next generation machines will have bigger screens which will work more like a smart phone.

The machines will also show what’s going on behind you as you use it.

You’ll also be able to do far more. Such as open an account and even get a mortgage – talking to a bank representative with headphones.

The new system may also see the beginning of the end of the cash card. You can request cash using your phone and a QR code sent to your device will prompt the machine to give you your money.

The machines are made by the US company NCR and the first ones in the world will be installed by the Luzerner Kantonalbank this month in Lucerne. 



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