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Post office to trial drone deliveries in Lugano

National News // March 15, 2017

Laboratory samples, such as urine tests, are to be delivered by drones between two hospitals in the canton of Ticino this month, as Swiss Post carries out trials to upgrade its service. If the trials are successful, the hospital-to-hospital service will be fully operational sometime next year.

Pixabay Post office to trial drone deliveries in Lugano

As part of a test phase, Swiss Post will use drones to take laboratory samples the 600 metres between two EOC hospitals in Lugano - the Ospedale Italiano and the Ospedale Civico.

The post office says that the drones should be able to deliver samples more quickly and efficiently in the future.

If all goes according to plan, drones could be in regular use between the two hospitals from 2018.



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