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Baslerfasnacht comes to a wet end

National News // March 9, 2017

Organisers of this year’s Basel Fasnacht say the event was a success – despite the two main parades, the opening and yesterday’s closing – being rained on.

Anirvan0419 Baslerfasnacht comes to a wet end

The chairman of the Carnival Committee, Christoph Bürgin, say the different groups – or cliques – had created a colorful event and hadn’t let the weather dampen their spirits.

One good way of monitoring the success of the three days of partying – how much rubbish had to be cleared. This year, 190 tonnes of waste was swept up by almost 300 workers.

Medical staff said their major problem was treating people who had drunk too much.

The Fasnacht officially closed at 4am this morning – exactly 3 days after it started.


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