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Biggest and noisiest party in Switzerland now on

National News // March 6, 2017

The largest and noisiest party in Switzerland is now on. The Baslerfasnacht kicked off at 4am this morning.

Twitter: Fussball Club Basel‏ @fcbasel1893s Biggest and noisiest party in Switzerland now on

Thousands are on the streets, banging drums, playing pipes and juggling.

The parade has a contemporary theme, featuring Brexit, Trump and the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

There are also references to the Icelandic football team which did well in the UEFA championship, famously beating England 2-1 and a new tolerance zone in the city for sex workers.

The Fasnacht will go on for three days – many Basel residents also choose this time of year to take a short break to escape. 

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