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Swiss company loses CHF 1.2m in hack

National News // March 3, 2017

A large Swiss company says it’s lost CHF 1.2m through hacking. Küng Holdings run a variety of businesses, mainly the Avia chain of service stations.

Dietrich Michael Weidmann Swiss company loses CHF 1.2m in hack

Hackers attacked several of the company bank accounts. The Bern Cantonal Bank sent CHF 785,000 to an individual in Kyrgyzstan. UBS had CHF 309,000 syphoned off and Credit Suisse sent CHF 121,000.

None of those banks raised an alarm. Only Poste Finance stopped a suspicious transaction of CHF 49,000.

The head of the company, Christoph Küng is furious at the banks. He says it’s incomprehensible that the banks would have sent such large amounts to an individual.

The Bern Cantonal bank is insisting it will not reimburse the lost money. 

Tags: hack, bank, avia, robbery

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