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2,000 illegal workers meet unions in Geneva

National News // March 1, 2017

Around 2,000 undocumented migrants gathered at the Palladium in Geneva last night to learn more about ‘Operation Papyrus’.

Pixabay 2,000 illegal workers meet unions in Geneva

The plan is to allow those who are currently working illegally in the canton to formalize their stay. It’s thought there are around 13,000 people who do not have the right paperwork to be living in Geneva.

Anyone who is working, is financially independent, has been in the canton for at least 5 years for those with children, or 10 years for others and does not have a criminal record can get a permit to stay.

Unions ran an information meeting last night – it was so popular, around 500 people were unable to enter the hall and stayed outside – trying to get as much information as possible.

The cantonal move has the full backing of the federal government – and if successful, the programme could be expanded across the country.

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