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Fasnacht season starts in Lucerne

National News // Feb. 23, 2017

Fasnacht season is getting underway. Over the next few weeks, many Swiss cities will be celebrating the end of the winter with music, dancing, costumes and lots of drinking.

Hofec Fasnacht season starts in Lucerne

Since 5 this morning, Lucerne is partying. Thousands are in the streets already with drums and trumpets.

In true Swiss tradition - the parties start early in the morning and can go on for days. Many locals choose to take a small holiday at this time of the year to escape the noise and disruption. But many others get into the spirit and are ready to party.

One of the biggest in the country, the Baslerfasnacht, is on Monday 6th March – and that starts at 4am. And will last three days. 

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