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UK citizens in Europe worried about Brexit

National News // Feb. 16, 2017

British citizens living in the EU and Switzerland fear for their future after Brexit. Currently all Brits are living in the EU or Switzerland are protected by rights of abode offered by the EU.

Public Domain Pictures UK citizens in Europe worried about Brexit

After Brexit, their status becomes uncertain.

A survey carried out by the UK pro-European party the Liberal Democrats asked over 5,000 UK citizens living in Europe how they voted in the referendum and their thoughts for the future. It’s estimated 1.2 million Brits live in Europe.

The main worries are access to health care and social benefits after Brexit. The UK government has yet to assure EU citizens in the UK that they can stay after leaving the Union. If the UK removes rights of EU/EEA and Efta citizens in Britain – other European governments are likely to reciprocate, including the Swiss.

Although almost 60% of Brits in Europe voted to remain in the EU – 30% were unable to vote has they had been out of the country for more than 15 years. And then a further 7% were unaware they could vote or hadn’t registered. 

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