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Geneva Old Town dying

National News // Feb. 16, 2017

Is the Geneva Old Town dying? That does seem to be the view of local traders. Shops have lain empty for several months, others are now closing down. But traders disagree on the main problem.

wrs Geneva Old Town dying

Many claim it’s the new restrictions on traffic. In 2015, following pressure by residents, bollards have been installed to stop non-residents from entering with cars.

Others say it’s the price of rent – up to CHF 700 a square meter a month. Or the strong franc and the rise of on-line shopping.

It’s probably a combination. Also the Old Town used to be a major night life venue, but many bars and night clubs have closed in recent years, meaning there’s less reason to make the climb up the hill.

Ville de Genève minister, Remy Pegani says traffic restrictions will be loosened – but points out the decline in the Old Town has been going on for years. 

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