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Surprise at lenient sentence for sex attacker

National News // Feb. 15, 2017

A Zurich prosecutor has caused surprise by calling for a lenient sentence against a 21 year old German man who spent 3 days with a 12 year old girl in a cornfield late last year.

TwoScarsUp Surprise at lenient sentence for sex attacker

The man struck up a conversation with the girl while playing on-line video games. They agreed to meet near Uster in November.

The disappearance of the girl, Céline, triggered a massive police response. She spent her missing days with the Berlin man in a field. She was rescued after passersby recognized her walking in the street.

The man was arrested and spent a month in custody before being released. He says he knows the girl was only 12 and it was wrong.

Prosecutors are charging the man with multiple sexual acts with the girl, including kissing with tongues and intimate touching, but are only pressing for a fine.

The man has also been banned from Switzerland for 5 years.


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