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Switzerland will not be part of EU roaming agreements

National News // Feb. 14, 2017

Swiss mobile phone users and Netflix subscribers will miss out on new EU roaming and streaming rules – keeping costs high and choice low.

Pixabay Switzerland will not be part of EU roaming agreements

The EU will abolish all roaming charges for users in June. That means anyone with a SIM card registered in an EU country will not be charged any more than their home county when roaming within the Union.

Also, new rules from next year will end geo-blocking of TV streaming services. For example, anyone with a French Netflix account will be able to access all content available on Netflix in Germany. The rules will also apply to Amazon, Spotify and Deezer.

But the new liberal rules will not apply in Switzerland. The move highlights the cost Swiss users pay for mobile communications. On average, 70% of Swiss pay more than CHF 40 a month for their phone. While in France, that’s no more than EUR 19.

But soon it may not just be Swiss users being price gouged. The European Commission has already said the rules will not apply to the UK after Brexit.




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