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CHF 20m worth of gems spread across Geneva road

National News // Feb. 7, 2017

Twenty million francs worth of jewelry was left scatted across the road after a robber crashed his getaway bike racing for the border near Corsier in Geneva.

Christian Horcel CHF 20m worth of gems spread across Geneva road

Details of the robbery on Friday evening are just coming to light.

That evening a man, unmasked, entered the high-end jewelers, Graff, on the rue de Rhone in the middle of the city. He pretended to be a customer, wandering around and looking at the pieces. After a few minutes, he took out a handgun and for the next quarter of an hour forced staff to fill his bags.

He left the store with one hostage. When he reached his bike, he left the hostage and raced off.

Police set up road blocks – which he screamed passed on his way to the border. But his luck was running out, in Corsier he crashed badly – the jewelry was thrown over the road.

Police, using metal detectors, searched for all the items. They believe everything has been found – all CHF 20m worth.

The robber was seriously injured and is in hospital. 

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