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Plenty of snow accidents - including Neuchatel police car

National News // Feb. 6, 2017

A Neuchatel police car suffered a similar fate as to the emergency it was responding to. Heavy snow was making the roads difficult in the canton – and the police were responding to an accident.

@arcinfo Plenty of snow accidents - including Neuchatel police car

On the way, with blue lights and siren on, the police car slipped from the road and ended up on its roof.

The embarrassed officers escaped with minor injuries.

The accident was just one of many across the country as the snow fell again.

A car ended up in a canal in canton Valais, another crashed into a truck in Fribourg.

But a 23 year old driver is facing charges in Flamatt in Fribourg. Police say he was driving far too fast for the conditions and skidded down a slope near a train station and ended up on a pedestrian walkway. 

Tags: traffic, snow, crash

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