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Swiss plane makes emergency landing in Canada

National News // Feb. 3, 2017

Passengers on a Swiss International Airlines flight from Zurich to Los Angeles found themselves freezing in minus 23 degrees and in an obscure part of Canada, instead of the warm Californian sun.

Tattuinee (Twitter) Swiss plane makes emergency landing in Canada

The plane had to make an emergency landing on a snow covered runway in the northern Canadian town of Iqualuit.

One engine of the Boeing 777 failed, forcing the plane to land on Tuesday. The emergency landing was problem free and all passengers and crew are safe.

Swiss sent a plane from New York to pick everyone up. The 200 passengers had to stay on the plane for 11 hours as there are not enough hotel rooms in the small town to accommodate everyone – and the airport terminal was thought to be inadequately heated.

Everyone is now in LA – after flying back to New York. 

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