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New Geneva tax rule suspended by court

National News // Feb. 2, 2017

A new Geneva tax law has been suspended ahead of a judicial review. New rules due in for this financial year included a cap of CHF 500 on how much travel expenses could be claimed by the tax payer.

WWHenderson20 New Geneva tax rule suspended by court

The regulations were expected to hit frontaliers the hardest as they have to travel the furthest – and mainly by car.

Although a raft of new tax rules were accepted by 58% of the population in September, the travel expenses are the most contentious.

Following an individual complaint, a Geneva court has suspended the rule – pending further hearings.

About 38,000 Geneva tax payers claim more than CHF 500 in travel expenses a year. The cap was expected to raise a further CHF 28m for the canton. 

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