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Father and son fined and jailed over homemade justice

National News // Jan. 24, 2017

A 51 year old father and his 24 year old son in Nyon have been fined and given jail sentences for taking justice into their own hands.

Chin tin tin Father and son fined and jailed over homemade justice

The court heard the two men found a homeless man squatting in their holiday home. The homeless man is said to have stolen CHF 350.

Instead of throwing out the man and calling the police – they assaulted him and kept him prisoner for half an hour.

The court said while their shock was understandable, it’s unacceptable to dish out homemade justice.

The father faces 12 months in jail and was fined CHF 15,000 and the son received a two year suspended sentence and a CHF 17,000 fine.

Both have already served a week in jail ahead of the court hearing. Neither had a criminal record before the event. 

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