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High winds and snow drifts cause problems

National News // Jan. 18, 2017

The high winds and cold weather kept the emergency services busy across the country yesterday. Snow drifts were the main problem – especially on the A1 in canton Vaud. Despite no new snow falling, ploughs had to be sent out to clear drifts on the main roads.

Pixabay High winds and snow drifts cause problems

But police say there were relatively few accidents.

In Geneva, the fire service was called out several times – but mainly due to problems from the high winds. Fallen trees and collapsing scaffolding the main reasons.

On the top of La Dôle winds were recorded at 140 kph and temperatures fell tom as low as minus 30.

Forecasters say the wind will start to die down during today – but temperatures will stay below zero until next week. 

Tags: crash, traffic, snow

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