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Woman faces jail over CHF 75 fine

National News // Dec. 14, 2016

A 37 year old woman in Vaud faces 6 days in jail – over an unpaid CHF 75 fine.

Pixabay Woman faces jail over CHF 75 fine

The problem dates back to 2013 when her 9 year old daughter missed a week of school. The mother blames the stress of an acrimonious divorce for the slip.

She was fined CHF 500 for the non-attendance, and negotiated a payment scheme with the court. She missed one CHF 75 payment, and now faces jail.

The mother claims it’s unfair. She says she simply doesn’t have the money.

Since the case was highlighted in the press, several well-wishers have offered to pay the fine for her. 

Tags: prison, school, fine, vaud

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