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New fishing rules to encourage crayfish hunting

National News // Dec. 8, 2016

New fishing regulations come into force for Lake Geneva and surrounding rivers from January – and authorities hope it will lead to far more American Crayfish being caught.

David Perez New fishing rules to encourage crayfish hunting
It is an evasive species and poses a danger to indigenous water life. The crayfish was accidently introduced in the eighties – and it’s been flourishing. Much to the dismay of environmentalists.

The new rules mean the crayfish can be caught and sold in local restaurants. Many say the crayfish is delicious and goes well with white wine.

But parents should be aware the animal cannot be transported alive – to prevent further spread. It has been known for children to catch crayfish and take them home as pets. All caught crayfish must be killed on the lakeside. 

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