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Voters to decide on atom power

National News // Nov. 25, 2016

Swiss voters will head to the polls this Sunday to decide on a Green party initiative which clearly sets a date for when the country should stop producing nuclear energy.

Picswiss Voters to decide on atom power

The initiative calls for Swiss power plants – which supply on average 35% of the country’s electricity – to be shut down after no more than 45 years of operation.

This would mean that the stations Beznau I and II (in canton Aargau) and Mühleberg (Bern) should shut down in 2017, Gösgen (Solothurn) in 2024 and Leibstadt (Aargau) in 2029.

In Switzerland, the cabinet and a majority of political parties in the centre and on the right oppose the Green initiative.

They argue that shutting down nuclear plants too soon will compromise Switzerland’s energy security, as renewable sources don’t yet produce enough energy.

However, supporters say hydroelectric power and renewable sources could make up for the lost nuclear energy by 2029. 

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