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Flushing is expensive in Geneva

National News // Nov. 23, 2016

Geneva is the most expensive place in Switzerland to flush a toilet.


SuSanA Secretariat Flushing is expensive in Geneva

Comparison website, netzsieger.de calculated the annual cost of cleaning toilets in 12 Swiss cities including the purchase of the water and its treatment.

It found the annual cost to use 10 litres of water is CHF 85.80, followed by CHF 84 in Basel and 82.15 in St. Gallen.

Bottom of the list was Winterthur at CHF 51.10, Berne at CHF 45.65 and Köniz at CHF 42.

It also found that big savings could be made if the amount of water used dropped from 6 to 3 litres.

In Geneva costs, would be CHF 51.45 francs for 6 litres and CHF 25.75 for 3 litres.

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