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People in French speaking Switzerland have "significantly more" sex

National News // Nov. 22, 2016

A survey for a safe sex campaign has found that people in French-speaking Switzerland have “significantly more” sexual partners than in the German and Italian speaking parts of the country,

People in French speaking Switzerland have "significantly more" sex

The differences are also exist between men and women, hetero- and homosexuals, and cities and villages.

Almost 30,000 people aged 18 to 64 took part in the, “Sex in Switzerland” survey which is part of the government’s LOVE LIFE campaign.

The average French-speaking Swiss had slept with 7.1 partners compared to 6.1 in German-speaking Switzerland and 5.8 in Ticino.

The average man said they had had sex with seven people and the average Swiss woman one fewer.

Almost a quarter of men said they had slept with more than 20 people in their lifetime, whereas 14% of women said they had done the same.

The study found that the differences between the sexes was explained by the almost exclusively male phenomenon of paying for sex, which 14% of men said they had done.

Gay men had slept with double the amount of people than heterosexual men, but there was no great difference between straight women and lesbians.

Similar differences were seen between urban and rural areas, with the average number of partners at 8.1 in cities, falling to 5.6 in rural villages.

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