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Cyprus talks to conclude in Geneva

National News // Nov. 21, 2016

Talks in Geneva between Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders to try to resolve the final issues that could see the island reunified after four decades of division conclude today.

Cyprus talks to conclude in Geneva

The two leaders met earlier this month and are said to have made progress towards an agreement on issues such as land share, military personnel and missing persons.

If a deal is reached on territory, a final summit also involving Greece, Turkey and the UK is likely be held. The Turkish Cypriot government currently runs almost a third of the island.

The talks which began yesterday are the latest in a series of discussions that resumed in May last year and are being overseen by the UN’s special adviser on Cyprus.

There are over 2000 people on the list of missing people agreed by the islands’ authorities.

Paul Henri Arni – from the UN committee on missing persons says it a worldwide issue :

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