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Police raid Winterthur mosque after Imam called for violence

Local News // Nov. 2, 2016
Police raid Winterthur mosque after Imam called for violence

Police raided the An'Nur mosque in Winterthur, north of Zurich this morning hunting for four people, including an Ethiopian Imam, suspected of inciting violence there.

The Imam is accused of having called on worshippers to murder other Muslims who refused to take part in communal prayers, Zurich's public prosecutor's office said in a statement.

He also allegedly called on those present at the sermon, which the police said took place on October 21 this year, to denounce them.

The exact role of the other suspects in connection to the sermon is unclear, but criminal proceedings have been opened up against all four.

The An'Nur mosque has been in the headlines for the last year for allegedly radicalizing young Muslims in the region and recruiting jihadist fighters – charges that it has strongly denied.

Last week it emerged that the building's owners cancelled the lease of the mosque.

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