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Family assaulted after Halloween party in Sierre

Local News // Nov. 2, 2016
Family assaulted after Halloween party in Sierre

A family from Valais are recovering after a group of masked youths carrying baseball bats assaulted them as they returned from a Halloween party in Sierre.

Three adults and several children were trying to cross the Beaulieu Bridge, when the attackers, with their faces hidden by hoodies and scarves surrounded them, reports 20 Minutes. They were also carrying cameras to try and film the incident.

A passer-by came to the family's aid and they managed to escape to a nearby building, but were followed by the youths who broke a window, before running off when the police arrived.

The father, a  37 year old electrician, was given three stitches in hospital, but say his children are traumatised and have not received any counselling.

A complaint was filed with the cantonal police, who on the orders of  Valais Prosecutor, have refused to comment

"For us parents," he says " this is unacceptable and we feel like twice the victims. "

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