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New documentary sheds light on Zurich CFO suicide

Local News // Nov. 1, 2016
New documentary sheds light on Zurich CFO suicide

New details have come to light about the 2013 suicide of former Zurich Insurance Chief Financial Officer Pierre Wauthier.

A documentary film by the German television channel ARD exposes his difficult relationship with former company chairman Josef Ackermann.

Wauthier's family gave the channel his suicide note so they could to produce the film, which will air this week.

According to ARD, the former Zurich CFO began the note by referring to Ackermann as “the worst Chairman I have ever met”. 

Wauthier hung himself in his home in Walchwil, canton Zug in August 2013, an event which triggered Ackermann's resignation as CEO of Zurich.

An investigation concluded that Zurich had not put any “unreasonable pressure” on Wauthier in his role at the company, which Wauthier's family did not accept

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