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Geneva celebrates 30 nuclear free years

Local News // Oct. 28, 2016
Geneva celebrates 30 nuclear free years

As Switzerland prepares for next month's referendum on banning nuclear power stations, people in Geneva are marking 30 nuke-free years.

Geneva's pioneering vote against nuclear energy took place in 1986, following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Almost 60% of voters were in favour of the ban, and since 2005 the cantonal constitution has guaranteed that all electricity is certified non-nuclear.

As the Swiss electorate gears up for a referendum on nuclear power on 27 November, Geneva residents are already benefitting from an electricity supply that is 95% from renewable sources.

Right-wing parties are urging people to vote to keep nuclear power, partly on grounds of expense and viability of supply.

The experience of people in Geneva tends to discredit that argument, as they pay no more than average prices for what has been a reliable source of energy.

The Swiss Green Party, which launched the referendum initiative, says it wants to see the country's nuclear power stations close after 45 years of service.

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